About Us

Brunello’s- A direct consumer brand

Brunello’s was founded with the mission of offering well-made handmade boots, eliminating the middleman.

We go from the boot manufacturers directly to you. We control everything from production to when the boots are delivered to you. As a direct consumer brand, we can provide well-made products and top-notch customer service.

US Based Company

We are very proud to be based in the USA. We operate outside of Florida and all orders are shipped locally. Our average delivery time is about 2-6 days.

Our production:

Being family owned is very important to us. We want to provide our customers with a unique shopping experience. Our boots are made by a longtime friend of the family who is considered one of the best boot manufacturers in Brazil. This type of relationship makes our business model unique.

We can provide the utmost attention to ensure quality, comfort and proper work ethics for all employees.

We work together with our team in Brazil to guarantee quality and offer the best boots at reasonable prices. Our boot project is completed in the United States and sent to our production team in Brazil. We want to be unique and, at the same time, offer classic designs that will never go out of style.

Brunello's Shoe Production

Why brazil?

Brazilian footwear started in the 1820s in the southern states of Brazil with German and Italian immigrants arriving in Brazil and bringing their culture of leather craftsmanship.

Today Brazil is among the world’s largest producers of footwear and is recognized for its quality and modern designs. At Brunello’s you will notice that our models offer unique designs at competitive prices and incomparable comfort! All of our designs are made of bovine leather.

A combination of European craftsmanship and trendy Brazilian design results in beautiful comfortable boots.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed:

Our goal is to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. If you are not completely satisfied, we will be happy to exchange, replace or issue a refund. Your complete satisfaction is our priority. We are proud to offer free shipping, returns and exchanges because we care about our customers.

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