About Us

Today located in South Florida, Brunello’s was founded with the belief that shoes play an important role in our active lifestyle. The company is family owned and started by father and son. It all started with a passion in footwear and leather. In today’s market we felt it was becoming difficult to find comfortable shoes with unique designs at a reasonable price. The idea for Brunello’s was born.

Whether you’re looking for a pair for everyday use or for something unique to standout you have come to the right place.

Outstanding quality, comfort, and design is what we strive for here at Brunellos! All our shoes are imported from Brazil made with 100% genuine leather.

Why Brazil?

Brazilian footwear began in the 1820’s in the southern states of Brazil with German and Italian immigrants coming to Brazil and bringing their culture of leather crafting.

Today Brazil is among the world’s biggest producer of shoes and acknowledged for its top quality and trendy designs. At Brunello’s you will notice our models offer unique designs at competitive prices and unmatched comfort! All our designs are made with genuine leather.

A combination of European craftsmanship and trendy Brazilian design results in beautiful comfortable shoes.

Brunello's Shoe Production


Our Production:

Shop Brunello’s has partnered up with the top factories in Brazil to insure quality, comfort, and proper work ethics for all employees. All of Brunello’s shoe production is made by Rafarillo which is among the top producers in Brazil. Rafarillo offers more than 20 years of shoe producing experience and we have proudly joined them in our mission to offer customers premium shoes at reasonable prices. You will notice the Rafarillo symbol among our designs.

Our boot making story is very similar. We work closely with our team overseas to insure quality and offer the best boots at reasonable prices. Our boot design is done in the United States and sent over to our production team in Brazil.

Shop Brunello's Production

Brunello's Footwear Production



Satisfaction Guaranteed:

Our object is to make sure your 100% satisfied with your purchase. If you’re not completely satisfied we will be more than happy to exchange, replace or issue a refund. Your complete satisfaction is our top priority. We proudly offer Free Shipping , Returns and Exchanges because we care about our clients.