A question we get asked often is how do I know which size to choose? Does your boots run big or small?

Brunello's By Taben Western Products is proudly handcrafted in Brazil by skilled boot artisans. Since the boots are made in Brazil they are based on centimeters and the conversions are slightly different than using inches. The same goes for European footwear.

To make it easier to understand on our sizing you will it starts with BR which stands for Brazilian size  = US ( United States size) followed by the size.

Please see example below.

BR 40 = US 8.5-9. This states that the Brazilian size 40 converts in between a 8.5-9. If you wear a US size 8 or 9 you should try this size first.

What if the boot is too small? Don't worry! We offer Free Shipping, Returns & Exchanges. We do however strongly advise to follow our recommendations. 90% of the time it goes well =)

Please see our size chart below. Simply match the BR size to your US size. it is best to always base it off  your boot size. If you are in between sizes ( example sometimes 9 or 9.5) we recommend choosing the lower size first.

BR 37= US 5.5-6

BR 38= US 6.5-7

BR 39= US 7.5-8

BR 40= US 8.5-9

BR 41= US 9.5-10

BR 42= US 10.5-11

BR 43= US 11.5-12

BR 44= US 12.5-13

BR 45= US 13.5-14

BR 46= US 14.5-15

September 05, 2022 — Bruno Antunes