Taben Western Products has it's roots with family. We are a family owned company that began as a wholesaler in the western industry by father and son. We would import/export from Brazil and USA to retail stores.

We have always had a passion for cowboy boots and leather products. After years in business we noticed in the USA there was no low cut cowboy style boots. We found it strange since it is very common in South America.

We love the style and how easy it is to put on and remove. That led us to Brunello's. Our brand of leather boots and leather hats. We wanted to offer unique western styles that you will find nowhere else. Our styles are unique and well made. over time we added other styles to complete our line up.

Brazil is know for it's leather and boot makers. After many years of friendship with our boot makers we were able to choose what goes into our boots and designs.

We are based out of Clinton, Massachusetts and all boots ship from our warehouse.

September 01, 2022 — Bruno Antunes